The Baptist Church in Pulawy

Welcome to our Fellowship. We are a charismatic church of Jesus Christ that is a part of the Baptist Church in Poland. We are a young family of God’s children that has been praying together and serving the Lord since the year 2003. In January 2005 we officially received the status of a Baptist Church. There are 20 members of all ages in our church – from children through teenagers up to pensioners. We are not afraid to say that our church was born due to God’s will. It was His answer to the needs of the people from different backgrounds.

We meet regularly every Sunday morning in a rented hall as well as in two house groups on Mondays and Wednesdays. In addition, there is a worship and prayer ministry, both of them are growing and developing. Once a month the women from our church have a bible study.

In our fellowship there is a music band called „Prawda Jedyna”. It consists of people really gifted by God. The band ministers during Sunday morning services and also at evangelisation and charity concerts both in Pulawy and other cities. We have a great need to rent a hall for the band to practise and also for the church meetings. So far we haven’t gathered the means. This fact restricts the ministry in our town.

Our goal is to grow in Jesus Christ and make other good disciples. That is why we have formed an unofficial School of Discipleship where we learn how to lead people to Jesus and help them to grow spiritually, so one day they will be able to share the Gospel themselves. Needless to say we seek God’s guidance ourselves.

Even though there are a lot of spiritual and material needs in our small fellowship, we are not an inward-looking church but we ask the Lord to use us as missionaries. Once a month we run a Sunday service in people’s homes in three different places not far from Pulawy. They are: Poniatowa, Deblin and a village called Szczuczki. We pray so that in these places, as well in others, the inhabitants will get to know Jesus in a personal way, read the Bible and start meeting in local fellowships.

Being open to contacts and co-operation with other Christians we would like to invite you to our town. Please pray for us.

God bless you